The first step is for you our customer to call us to schedule and appointment. we will give you a written quote to take care of your rodent infestation. Treatment usually consists of sealing off all of the areas where rodents are entering the structure, and then removing all the rodents from the structure by trapping for them in attics, crawlspaces and other areas that mice or rats will nest while in your home. Rodent exclusion is the term the pro's use when talking about sealing up the openings that the rodents are using.

Your price will include a complete treatment, with all the necessary follow-up visits needed. Plan on weekly or twice-weekly visits to check traps and remove the dead rodents. It may take up to a month to completely take care of the problem, especially if there is a high initial population. 

Rodent Trapping Experts

We are usually able to guarantee our work for at least six months, without any fine print or hassles. We DO NOT usually use any poisons inside a home or business. We don't want rodents dying where we cannot remove them! Be WARY of any company claiming rodent extermination without exclusion--new rodents will be back before you know it. Also be WARY of companies quoting low prices over the phone. If this is the actual price you pay (if not a bait and switch), you will usually get what you pay for! Few companies have the expertise or skills to tackle a service like this. Most pest control companies do not even attempt these services. Gopher Patrol is more than just a pest control company. We specialize in Rodent and Gopher removal. We focus on resolving rodent problems for good, not on putting our customer on never ending trapping programs. At Gopher Patrol we want to get to the root of the problem, so you can spend your hard earned money and time on other things.

We charge a fair price for a Quality Job! We cannot give estimates over the phone, but once we discuss your situation, we'll be happy to give you our average prices, pending inspection. Our inspectors are not salesmen, they are highly experienced rodent exclusion experts, and they are the ones to do the actual work. We can usually start right away, or we will be happy to let you compare quotes and call us when you are ready!

Rodent Removal in Southern California

Call us today to set up an appointment. Our skilled rodent exterminator will help you to determine the extent of your problem and the best method to resolve your rodent control issues. Don't call "the bug guy", call your local rodent control experts, Gopher Patrol.